Who's your boss?

Who's your boss? 
by Joel Howard

I encountered a demon
A small, puny demon
In the middle of the night as I prayed

She peered at me 
As I asked her her name
And I asked her where she'd been 

"I'm just doing my job!" 
She whimpered and said
Said she had been sent to our home

"I'm just doing my job!
It's what I've been told!" 
And politely she waited to see what I'd do

"Who's your boss?" 
I demanded and prayed
"Who do you work for this day?"

"I want to know if I send you
Where you will go
I want to know from where you came"

She told me of a greater stronghold
Upon our region
The New Jersey, PA region

She told me the legion's name
Is lust and unholy self-gratification
She told me she had arrived
As I hooked up the internet
For the first time...

And my wife and I we prayed
We prayed and we prayed and we sang
And just like we'd plugged in the old cable box
To watch the big football game

At four a.m. I returned up the stairs
And unplugged that blasted box!

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