Resistance beyond the instant

Resistance beyond the instant
by Joel Howard

Sometimes, resistance takes more than an instant
More than once, more than twice
As we press into it
Standing tall, standing strong
Sometimes it all takes all day long
Sometimes it seems like where we belong

Sometimes, to fight, you have to war
More than once, for what's in store
As you press into it
Standing up, tearing down
All the enemies around
Sometimes it seems you'll never win

But if you press in
You will win
If you submit to Christ
You will have life


Behind the scenes of "Resistance beyond the instant": 
I have done some thinking these days about spiritual warfare and the idea of submitting to God and resisting the devil, as the writer of James points out.  I think of the struggle for Jacob when he wrestled all night long (Genesis 32) and others who were called to resist in Hebrews 12.  Today's poem/meditation is an encouragement to continue to resist the evil one, even when we have to persist in doing so.  I like the idea of wrestling when it comes to this topic.  You all know how much God has taught me about slowing down - so this is sort of applying a slowed-down lifestyle to even in moments of warfare and battle.  There maybe, after all, treasures to be gained in the difficulty of spiritual warfare!  Enjoy your day,  Joel Howard

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