I still stay

I still stay
by Joel Howard

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD." Joshua 24:15, ESV

You may not calm the sea
But God, You still have me! 
I may not all things see
But God, You still have me!
I don't know everything
But as far as I can see
The God who handled Job 
Is still here handling me! 

Though Satan have his evil way 
My God still remains 
Though he my treasure take 
Still with Him I would stay 

My Anchor in every wave
Though highest mountains quake 
This day we will serve the LORD 
This day we will serve the LORD!  


Context for "I still stay":
I hope you are enjoying your day!  "I still stay" was my declaration a few nights ago in the middle of some trials I am walking my daughter through - my declaration to God that though He give and/or take away, I will still remain His!  Enjoy your day,  Joel Howard

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