I celebrate you

I celebrate you
by Joel Howard

"The LORD your God is in your midst...he will rejoice over you with gladness...he will exult over you with loud singing." 
Zepheniah 3:17 (ESV)

I celebrate you
Not just by doing things for you
Not just by buying things for you
I celebrate you in this way

I celebrate you
Not just because I have to
Not just because its comfortable
I'm going out of my way

To rejoice, O to dance
O to shout aloud
And make it known to you
That I celebrate you
I do it for myself
For my gain
Child, I want to proclaim
That this is what I do
Child, I celebrate you!

I celebrate you
Not just because its 
The "cool" thing to do
I move to celebrate you

I celebrate you
How else can I explain?
I have enough to go around
That's why I celebrate now

I see myself
In your face
Its the way that you're made
O I know all things well
And as far as I can tell
I'm not worried 
Or afraid
About the things that I've done
Yes I do all things well
It applies to you as well!

I celebrate you
I celebrate you
I celebrate you


Behind the scenes of "Feeling celebrated today?": 
I was sitting in a training* this morning by a wonderful consultant who focuses on discipline in education that keeps in mind the whole person.  He talked about our basic need to feel known, loved and accepted. In the negative, some people have no recollection of being loved on by adults in their lives.  He said that most of the issues we exhibit are a results of the way we have been treated by adults in our lives.  I thought of Zephaniah who says that God rejoices over us with singing (see below).  Today's poem comes from the idea that God goes out of His way to shout, sing and express in full emotion, His undying love for us who believe.  May this revelation be ours today!  Joel Howard

*For more on the consultant I referred to:

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