G is for gratitude

G is for gratitude
by Joel Howard

A is for always providing for us
B is for buying our ransom with blood
C is for caring enough to obey 
Your Father who led you each step of the way

D is for daring to make an escape
Every time we constantly strayed
Forgive us O Lord for how we show disdain
When all that You do is to save us each day

G is for gratitude-
How faithful You are
How wonderfully God 
Do You watch over us!

I can't imagine this life without You
Just for the way, the way that You move
Keeping watch over the people you love
Loving the ones You created with love

M is for making a way in the dark
Never betraying, always hitting the mark
Over and over and over again
Proudly bestowing love on us again

Q is for questions You allow us to ask
Rarely impatient, righteous instead
So much so that You stoop below
To smile upon the lowest of low

U is for understanding that You offer to us
Vision You offer, as well as Your love
Watching our needs and providing for them
Over and over and over again

Extra grace along the way
Yes, and amen, God You make our path straight
Zion awaits each child You have named
Lead on, King eternal, come show us the way!
Lead on, Lord and Master, Your kingdom awaits


Behind the scenes of "G is for gratitude":
In our spiritual walk with God, let us not forget gratitude.  It is the one place we can go time and time again, no matter what we are facing.  It is often the secret key that unlocks prayer when all we have is silence.  For me it has been the wide open space ahead when I feel stuck.  Today I returned to its discipline during my mundane and wrote for you a poem to help you along the way.  Enjoy your day!!  Joel Howard

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