Hem me in

Hem me in
by Joel Howard
"You hem me in behind and before..."  Psalm 139:5 (NIV)

Hem me in
Tell me where to go
Jesus, You lead!
Teach me how
To cave when You tell me
Where to go, what to do

Hem me in
Teach me all Your ways
You are the Ancient of Days
Much more in 
Your mind than I will ever have

When it comes to friends
You have more of them
When it comes to fame
Glory to Your name!
When it comes to wealth
Jesus You own all the cattle in the fields

When it comes to might
God You win every fight
When it comes to stuff
You have more than enough
When it comes to patience
Who can beat you in a game of 
First to blink?

When it comes to grace
God You set the pace
When it comes to salvation
You have set the only standard
There will never be another great sacrifice
You gave Your life!

When it comes to skill
Your arrows hit the mark
And in terms of protection
Your shield is impenetrable
When it comes to education
You hold every degree 
and I'm learning

That every situation bows to You
And every tongue and nation will bow to You
And every heart's foundation is built on You
If it is going to last!

When it comes to love
You're a mighty flame
When it comes to passion
Its all in Your name
When it comes to freedom
You strut more than others!

Hem me in
Tell me where's my place
Hem me in
Keep my eyes on Your face
Hem me in
Fully surrendered to You

Hem me in
So I will never wander
Tell me no
If I am going to squander
Teach me love
And help me love my brothers

And in the silence of each night
May You take over the fight
And when I awake anew
May my first sight in the morning be You

Hem me in
Lord, hem me in
Caught within
Abiding in Your love

Hem me in
Before and behind
Awe me again
Blow my mind
Cast me in
The flame of Your affection, forever

Hem me in
Hem me in
Hem me in
Hem me in

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