We know less

We know less
by Joel Howard

Noah lived 950 years 
Others lived long too 
We live a speck compared to them 
But we claim knowledge too 
I am this! No, I am that! 
We call each other the great I AM
We worship gods here in this land 
But God, we know less and less

What troubles us is what could begin
Repentance here so that You could win 
But hardness of heart prevails again 
God we know less and less! 

Boys and girls seem to run the show 
Families tied in knots I know 
School systems don't know which way to go 
God we know less and less! 

Instead of lifting leaders up in prayer 
We accuse them and try to rip and tear 
What God alone has set up there 
God we know less and less! 
God we know less, I confess

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