The inner life

The inner life
by Joel Howard

The inner life 
is where it's at
The bottom of the pile
Not the very top hat
Your inward emotions
Contain a key
To unlocking potential
and setting you free

My people, says the Lord your God
Have healed their wounds lightly
My leaders, says Christ the Son
Have barely scratched the surface
Now I'm undone!

The inner life
Is where its at 
The center of the earth
Not the surface of the land
Your inner thoughts
Hold a key
To unlocking your future
And setting others free

My people, says Jesus Christ
Have washed their vessels on the outside
My shepherds, says the Lord your God
Have done a poor job 
Of being clean inside

I'm jealous for your heart
I'm jealous for your attention
I'm jealous for your prayers
O My people
I'm waiting for your heart
I'm waiting for your attention
I'm waiting for your prayers
O My people

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