Journey to mid-day thanks

Journey to mid-day thanks

by Joel Howard

Why am I sad? 
Why am I angry? 
Why am I glad? 
What am I feeling? 
Have I now stopped
To ponder the churnings
Inside my heart,
Your home? 

Satan's arrows fling me onward
Satan's taunts throw us forward:
"So you're feeling scared or alone? 
Go on, boy, and go it alone!" 

But I resist temptation to fly ahead
I resist temptation to honor dread
I resist the devil's clear-cut schemes
I resist temptation to flee!

Instead I hide
Instead I throw my arms around
My Savior's side

My mid-day thanks
Where my Savior awaits
To welcome me today

My mid-day thanks
Where my Father awaits
To smile on me today

I call Him great!
I worship His true authority

I stop to thank
The only One 
Who provides for me

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