Father wound

Father wound
by Joel Howard

It hit me last night as I sat and thought
Right before bed as I fought and fought
To find joy in loss and sorrow 
To find peace before tomorrow
We all have a Father wound

Each woman, each man
Each boy and girl
In the course of history
In the span of the world
Has a story left untold
We all have a Father wound

Maybe we were treated wrong
Maybe we were left untended
Maybe we sought the real
But only saw pretending
We wanted to be left alone
But someone overstepped
Or we longed for a home
But were abandoned and left

Last night as I sat
Last night as I thought
Right there before bed
O the wars I have fought
O the suffering I've done
Because someone's leader
Was not a good enough one
We all have a Father wound

Tender as can be
We're all gently whimpering
Until we can bring
Our sorrow to the King

The King of kings
The Father of all 
Who takes all our scars
And blemishes do fall
When we before Him
Find a peace
Find a home
He holds the key
And He alone

Where is our father? 
Where is our friend? 
Where is our giver? 
When will striving end? 

I submit today
As others have told me 'fore
Not until we meet our Master
Our King and our Lord
Who Shepherds the best
Who alone can befriend
Friend, only then
Will we know our Father
The Surgeon of surgeons
Who 'neath all pain goes
Who's been there before
Who all sorrow knows

He is the one
When all is done
Invites us to come
Saying, "Well done, son, 
Daughter, friend, 
Come home again!" 

This Father-wound
This God-sized hole
Is what makes or breaks
The freedom of each soul

Have we a friend 
So faithful and true? 
Invite Him in, friend
So now you do!

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