Give God a compliment

Give God a compliment
A call to worship the God of all creation
by Joel Howard

"Nice tree!
Nice bee!"
Look at the sky and believe
Walk outside 
Our God is alive
Give God a compliment

"The birds!
The leaves!"
Open your eyes to see
In the outdoors
There is plenty more
Give God a compliment

The way the branches intertwine
Captivates this heart of mine
The sun, the skies, my O my!
He is living!
The feel of grass upon my toes
He's with me everywhere I go!
The faces of all kinds of people
He is living!

God made a beautiful world
God made a beautiful world
Before you're caught in Satan's net
Of offense, doubt or full regret
Give our God a compliment!
Tell the Lord you don't forget!

The way He made the stars and sea
The way He ever reveals to me
The breadth and depth and height to see
His beautiful creation!

My 1 year old son, enjoying creation

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