Come home

Come home
by Joel Howard

Girls and boys
Men and women
Old and young alike
We leave home
We leave our homes
We leave as soon as we'd like

And out we go
On we go
Run with all our might
Counting our cash
Hoping it lasts
Heart beating fast as we run

The Father sits at home
And he weeps
The brother sits at home
And he keeps working
The servants carry on at home
Come home, O prodigal 
Come home!

We sell all we have, all we are
We place bets near and far
We laugh and we drink and we play
"Things haven't been better!" we say

But the sun goes down on our time
And we have no more money inside
Our pockets are bare
And our hearts become scared
And our minds are dizzy tonight

The sunset makes us think
Of the Father
Our hunger makes us think
Of His home
And we come running, 
walking, crawling, 
"Maybe He'll let me inside!"
"Maybe He'll let me inside!"

Come home! 
Come home, prodigals
As long as it is called today
Come home!
Come home, prodigals
As long as it is called today
The Father is waiting
Your brothers are praying 
We wait!
Come home...

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