Call out mightily

Call out mightily 
By Joel Howard
"(The King of Nineveh) arose from his throne...and he issued a proclamation...'let man and out mightily to God.'" Jonah 3:6-8, ESV

I've left my throne 
I'm bowing down 
Let it be known:
We're bowing down 
Don't taste a thing 
Instead bow low
And call out mightily!

Who knows? 
He may relent! 
He may forgive and forget! 
But for now, woe is me!
We're calling out mightily! 

To the old and young alike: 
Consider what life would be like 
If God didn't have His way! 
Call out to Him today! 
So we say: 
Call out mightily!

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