Walking with you forward

Walking with you forward
a song about friendship during battle
by Joel Howard

Today's the day
Today's the day we make the grand escape
Tonight's the night we arm ourselves with strength
To the face the night
And wake the day

Tomorrow might not be an easier time to decide
The battle is growing colder, my friend
Now's the time

If I go walking with you forward, will you cover my family? 
If I go walking with you homeward, will you pray for me daily? 
If I go walking with you, my friend

I'm longing for
I'm longing for my God to help me see
I'm longing for the faith to just believe
That you and me are His family

Men are leaving wives
Deserted homes behind
Children without fathers
Brothers without brothers
But there'a a new generation
Who will join the ranks and say,
"I'll lay down my life for you!"
"I'll lay down my life for you!" 

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