There's no place for you

There's no place for you
by Joel Howard

In my past, I heard a word
Today it sounds absurd
But trust me that this word hit my brain
It told me all about how I don't belong
It sang over me a hurtful song; 
Have you heard it? It goes: 

"There's no place for you, little child, 
In this big, big world, little children have no place
Surrender your gifts to me today!
Because, little child, you have no place!" 

It reminds me of the disciples 
Who shunned the children who came to Jesus: 
"Shoo! Get away! He has no time for you! 
Teacher, tell these little ones to go away!" 
To them, little ones were counterproductive and laughable
That same spirit lingers today 
Whenever the demons come to you and say, 
With a panicked smile upon their face, 

"There's no place for you!"

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