Not worth it

Not worth it
by Joel Howard

I renounce pride 
Its not worth it, baby
I turn away the urge to run and hide 
Its not worth it, baby
My child, I have run like the prodigal son
Stole the inheritance of the love of my God 
And through it all it came to none 
Its not worth it daughter, not worth it son 

I renounce fame, its not worth it son
I renounce worldly love, its not worth it daughter
I have run the earth's halls and found them bitter and dark
A mask for my heart 
Not worth it son, not worth it child 

So grow in the knowledge of Him 
In the fear of Christ 
Renounce all you have and in Him find your life 
Lets go there, daughter - go there son 
Its worth it daughter, worth it son! 
Ways to the Father? 
There's only one!
There's only One

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