I pray for mercy

I pray for mercy
by Joel Howard

When I am robbed
When others rob me
I pray, O Lord, for mercy

When times are tough
When loved ones feel defeat
I pray, O Lord, for mercy

A fallen world
Is falling on me
I pray, O Lord, for mercy

Surrender my all
Here at your feet
I pray, O Lord, for mercy

My daughter told me
The other night
When I asked her 
and looked in her eyes
What God had told her
In the middle of the night
She turned and said
Clear as light:
"In this world, you will have trouble"
I'm not sure if she knew
She was quoting Christ

She had had two nightmares
Of evil men and women chasing her
She heard evil laughter
And woke up in a scare
I cast evil out
Of our house that night
I opposed Halloween
And his intentions for our land, I would fight

Then I prayed with my church
We shouted out loud
With cries, we prayed
And prayed and bowed
Victory! we shouted
Christ, have your way
In this generation
In this new day

God, have mercy on my neighbors
On my town on our land
God, have mercy on your church
Make her rise again
From the ashes of shame
Flames that burned down her walls
May your church arise
May she stand tall

Where folks are angry with me
I offer love
Where people are scared of me
I love now them
Christ be my all
My cross, my aim
Return to this generation again

Throughout the world
We offer one cry,
"May Light now pierce the dead of night
May hope arise in young and old
May forgotten stories
Now be retold
Christ, raise to life this stillborn child
This generation
This generation

Half-time pep talk
To a team who is all messed up
O church, repent
Return to your first love again

I ask not for a name for me
I ask not for more money
I ask not for fame or wealth
I abandon pride and shame as well

O church, arise!
O church, be bold!
You're the greatest story ever told!
You're the Bride of Christ!
He is coming soon!
O church, arise
O church, arise

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