by Joel Howard

Competition - accumulation 
How much can I gain now for myself? 
My situation calls for striving 
If I can gain the whole world, I'll do that as well!

Cain with Abel
The prodigal son with the father
And those who beat up the stranger on the road
Know the story of competition as a strategy untold

Likewise, today, we rage inside:
"Jesus Christ, how could you be so free!"
And it eats our souls just to know: 
"Jesus Christ is freer than me!"

Jesus Christ is free indeed
This victorious God now lives inside of me
May we turn the corner and come to our senses
May competition bow in repentance 

For there's enough of God's grace to go around 
And save the soul that undertakes this plea:
"Let competition bow to Jesus
Oh sinner, lose competition and be set free!"

Soften hardness, enlighten darkness
Watch how God is pure indeed
No competition is living in Him
Oh sinner, lose vile comparison and be set free!

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