When God says nothing

When God says nothing 
by Joel Howard
"I cry to you for help and you do not answer me" Job 30:20

I don't hear You, hear You God
Not even a whisper, not even a nod
Whatever faith I had is all but gone
I do not hear You, precious God

Was it something I said, or something I've done? 
I cannot think of a legitimate cause
All I know is my senses are shot 
I cannot hear You, hear You God

Is this an illusion? Or have You up and gone? 
Like all my possessions and loved ones - run off?
My life seems now worthless for silence from God
I certainly cannot make out a lot 

The only noise I hear is the sound of my heart
Aching and breaking for lack of You, God! 
What I wouldn't do for a sign from you now
O what I wouldn't do for a sign of my God

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