What's the rush?

What's the rush?
by Joel Howard

The Spirit of God is telling me to hush
"Hush, little child, and come home! 
Why do you choose to make life work on your own?
 What's the rush?" 

He is telling me tonight:
"What's the push? What's the rush?
I invite you to stillness, to quiet, to rest, to calm
You've been out there squandering wealth 
and forfeiting treasure 
You're wasting your time!" 

And He tells me the devil's best tactic
Is to hurry the children of God the Father
To worry them, hurry them, cause them to scurry, then
Attack them when they are exhausted

"So I'm asking, what all this rush is 
What's the rush? What's the push? 
What's this rush?"

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