What goes up must come down

What goes up must come down
a song, by Joel Howard, 2016

Kings and princes all fall down
Men in their pride all fall down
Gods and strongholds all fall down
Principalities all fall down

Let Your Spirit come reign now
Teach us Your ways, come reign now
Come in power, come reign now
Give us wisdom, come reign now

So we sing in an age, Oh
When Your Spirit comes again, Oh
Lifting up battle cries, Oh
Tearing down the devil's lies, Oh!

We now humbly all bow down
Gazing heavenward, all bow down
Remembering Your works, all bow down
Pray for the church, all bow down

This is a time when the God of justice
Will rule over the land with a sword in His hand
This is a time for mercy to lead sinners to repent
What goes up must come down
On the hills, the highest hills
Slaves to sin and age-old lies
Will come to an end
Seeds once planted, roots gone deep
Children awaken from their sleep
A cry for freedom for our land
Snatch us from the devil's hand!
There is weeping at the altar
In the darkness for sons and daughters
Hear us now, hear us, Lord
Come restore to us Your works of old
There will be dancing in the place of sin
In place of hardship, new life begins
Rescue one, rescue all
May Your church, may she stand tall!

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