Void of God

Void of God
by Joel Howard

We've taken God out of politics
Out of governments
Of leadership establishments
Doctors don't pray
Physicians don't call 
On the Greatest Physician of them all
In schools we barely give God thought
Mere rote tradition, mention God
In court we haven't got the time 
To even swear on bibles 
Our homes were next
Satan did his best 
To keep families from praying
Then, he creeps now at the door of church
To malign where God was at first
And then to farms and fields he'll go 
Hating God and similar fruits sow 
A generation void of God 
Who no longer even give him nod
Marriage also, that goes too
The deeper the evil, the deeper the void 
This generation's desperate and has a choice 
In or out with God and His voice!

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