This is treasure

This is treasure
by Joel Howard

Everyone's searching for whatever, wherever
Searching for long-lost treasure
Comparing ourselves by our own measure
Looking for long-lost treasure

Open your eyes above you! 
There is a shadow casting down beside you
Open your eyes to the chasm in you
Son you were made for treasure! 

This is treasure! 
Not that we loved Him 
but that He first loved us 

This is treasure! 
That He would lay His life down 
searching for us! 

You are the treasure in Abba's eyes
Son and daughter so its no surprise
What Abba says makes us live or die
His Word is our lasting prize 

This is treasure! 
Lay down your hunt for elsewhere
Find home right now in all He does
In Father's love 

This is our lasting treasure 
This is treasure

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