The three temptations

The three temptations
by Joel Howard
see Matthew 4

I was led into the wilderness 
I was hungry too - and full of thirst 
Satan came to me, "Fool, provide for yourself now! 
Why wait!?" was the first thing he did say
To which I said, "What you offer me is not my only bread," 
To which he screamed, "Compromise your call, your life 
Bow to me - I'll give you life" 
To which I sighed and affirmed my faith 
"Father knows the only way to take" 
To which that evil fiend did say, 
"Thrill the masses and get your way!" 
To which I answered, looking up
"Do not test the one and only God!"
And when that devil had then left
I leaned into Abba and took a deep breath 
I clung to Him with all I had left

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