Story of time

Story of time
By Joel Howard, 2016

I have concerns about the way
I've lived my life up to this day
But I believe that I can change

All things happen for a reason
They have their time, they have their seasons
A masterpiece, beautiful tapestry
Of humanity, of you and me

We're all sitting in line
Just waiting for life to tap us on the shoulder
Or pass us by
As if we'll arrive before we take our first step
"Are we there yet?"

We clocked in the day we were born
We punched in the day we took our first breath, that's when...
Heavens! Before we saw light, 
He was writing the story of time

I have concerns about my name
Was I designed to be this way? 
Awake at night, asleep at day
Is that the way?

But I'm just sitting on the bench, 
Just waiting for my first chance to jump in...

What makes me come alive, 
I'm gonna bring it to life

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