Own your grief

Own your grief
by Joel Howard

A visitor came to my door last night 
But I didn't want to look at him nor did I invite 
Him into my house; I said with a fright, 
"Grief, you're not welcome in here tonight

Get out of my way - I've places to go!" 
But little did I know the key he was holding
Unlocked the doors to my future ahead
I had shut out my grief coldly instead 

Of letting him in and making a way 
Despite the discomfort, for him to stay
Decisions to make I now have, my heart
Will I make friends with loneliness and start 

Unpacking all the sadness inside
Leading to a healthy, true place of life? 
Or will I with others go out and play 
Waiting for that wretched one to go away? 

O the bitterness, O it's grip's hold!
O the turmoil of this poor soul
No matter where I go, or if I stay
This grief is my best friend and worst enemy today

He never will leave the door of my soul
Always inviting me, welcoming me home
Christ be my guide, come take control
As I open the door to the grief of my soul!

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