My Father's home

My Father's home
by Joel Howard

I don't have to be the center to know I'm not alone 
This is my Father's world - in Him I am at home 
Past all of life's busyness I can't escape His gaze 
Though I'm a stranger here, I'm home in this place 

Deep down in my heart I wander the halls 
of God's embrace, the Father of all 
When Satan comes to me to tell me I don't belong
I just close my eyes and hear the heavenly throng 
of angels and saints chanting melodically 
of a Bridegroom who's ravished over sinners like me

And when my younger "brothers" all leave and I'm alone
They waste all their inheritance and curse my Father's throne
I remember all that is His is mine and I'm never alone 
I'm still settled, wandering the lavish halls of my Father's home

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