More glory than answered prayers

More glory than answered prayers
by Joel Howard

Daddy had a lot to say
A lot of worries, a lot to pray
Daddy prayed and prayed and prayed 
But things didn't always go his way
Job is my daddy and he tells this story 
Tells me God may get more glory
In a heart that leans and prays
More than one who gets his way
Job, my father, died more than once 
Died to relationships, died in health
Died to friends who were quick to say, 
"God's against you" and go their way
Many times Job questioned God,
"Why do I call and You answer me not!?"
Little did he know the glory God got
From closeness with Him while He answered him not
Sometimes God gets more glory in silence 
Than when man gets just what he wants
In wildernesses God gets famous
In dryness, as we lean in

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