Me small, You big

Me small, You big
by Joel Howard 

From a land of maltreaters where all feed with pigs
Comes a smaller generation whose God is real big 
"Less of me!" they cry, marching, to the surprise of the masses
"More of You!" they cry pledging their lives unto Jesus

"What's the deal!" people rage trying to coerce us to independence
"Why not come feed on pig food? Why not with us claim rebellion? 
Why not forfeit religion and its stench for true freedom?" 

Hatefully they tell all that our quest for true smallness
Is against their own claims to be their own ruler and bosses
And daily the number of small ones diminishes 
For they fear now the taunts of the anti-religious

But for every heart grown cold by the fear of the others
Stands a stronger yet smaller sister or brother
Who say in the face of the growing mean giant,
"We will not fear you though you defy us

For you defy not who I am, where I've been 
Look to our God for you now defy Him 
And He has installed on a hill called Zion
Himself as the King, even His Son as the King"
And while you grow bigger in pride and in sin
My prayer unto Jesus is 'Me small, You big'

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