Holy enough?

Holy enough?
by Joel Howard

I am a mess; I am imperfect 
And no matter how perfect God is
I know I am not Him
I've sat and become convinced
I'll never holy live 
Until I have no choice 
But to admit that I'm a boy 
Not a super-god
Just a human, made from simple dust
On my own never holy enough! 

So before you compare now me saying, 
"Not quite holy for my liking"
Remember that my King 
It is He who is holy 
It is He who is holy enough 
To bargain death for my love 
I am His, and that is enough 
That is what makes me wholly His beloved
What makes me holy is precisely knowing
I am never holy enough 
And I owe it all to His blood 
I give it all for His love

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