Do you have to be perfect?

Do you have to be perfect?
by Joel Howard

When trying something new
When living something fresh
We all want to give it our best
In fact, some would rather not proceed
Unless we can do it all perfectly! 

Perfection, perfection
Right next to comparison
Is our worst weight we carry night and day
To get, not to give
To earn, to deserve
We spin and we swerve - failure to deter

So as my young daughter enters her milestone 
And as I set forth on adventures of my own 
And as I encourage my friends with the same I ask,
"Do you have to be perfect?" 
And before we begin it 
May God's special mercy guarantee that we'll win it
Not for who we are because of what we do
But for what our best failures transform us into! 
We don't have to start perfect, and friend, that means you!

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