You are so not _____ enough

You are so not ___ enough
by Joel Howard

You are so not good enough
not strong, not powerful enough
not great, not popular enough
so not enough!
My adversary growls at me and inwardly
he is smiling as he lies between his ugly teeth,
"Loser, you're not enough!"
Like arrows thrown at me
piercing my heart until he
would all my goodness spill out of my reach
The adversary says to me that I am God's enemy
Estranged and far from family
That I am all alone!
"You are so not free"
he with chains entangles me
Would strangle me until I can't breathe
That confounded enemy!
So I stop and breathe
Feel God's love over me
So I stop to speak to the Creator of the life in me
Unlike Adam and Eve, I submit before I believe
Satan's careless deeds and temptations
I am in You enough

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