by Joel Howard

The devil told me I was worthless today
Threw me a handful of that "worthless" charade
Spread out before me all the plans he had made 
To try me and keep me from heaven

"O child, pitiful child 
So weak 
and in the face of the world so mild 
not strong at all," he said to me
 And tried to inject me with fear's mysteries:
"What ifs" and "no matter whats" and "just because" 
he tried to rid me of the scope of love

Taunting, thrilling me with the horror of Godless living
Endlessly shoving his lies towards me
I stared at him after much of this
 clenched my fists and wept for him and all he said
 then left him there in Jesus' name, 
I unmoved, sent him running to where he came from 
and began prayer by considering the scope of God's love

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