While he sat in the ashes

While he sat in the ashes 
by Joel Howard 
"And he took a piece of broken pottery with which to scrape himself while he sat in the ashes." Job 2:8, ESV

You have taken my family and all I own
Now I scrape off my sores with this clay and stone
I have nothing to be but here and alone
O God of my fathers, O God of my fathers
Ashes of things I once called my own
Ashes of rubble and of fire now gone
As I consider my lowliness before man
As I consider where I am versus where I began
I have grieved and now I grieve some more
I receive this suffering as from You, Lord
I do not control You so I cannot say 
Why sometimes blessing and sometimes cursedness is my fate
Before you I tremble and also lament
Before You I groan and before You I wait

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