When grief comes

When grief comes
by Joel Howard

When grief comes, and it comes to us all
do we stay put and rise up tall 
too good to repent and to dignified to bow low?
Have we no knowledge of how grief should go?
For when Job lost all, his possessions, his pride
when not even his daughters and sons were alive
He arose and stripped himself of all dignity
shaving his head and tearing his coat
and falling to the lowest of lows
He worshiped a God who deals us our blows,
says what He says and knows what He knows
Directs all our steps and knows where we go
Job acknowledged life isn't a game 
of Santa Clause making us happy again
No, life is in God's hands, who gives and takes
Grief should be a process, not a quick-fix we fake
Grief should be a process that we all undertake

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