When am I worthy?

When am I worthy?
by Joel Howard

When God is calling me to rest 
the devil does his best
to saturate me with a doubt
to inundate me with evil shouts:
"How could you be acceptable and worthy 
of the affection of God or anyone!" 
When I try to pull back
he strangles me with lack
injects me with a doubt: 
"Get your filthy self out!" 
Sends me on a panic-filled, anxiety-ridden sprint
floundering on my way to anywhere where I can escape him
and even if I stand still and resist the urge to run
he constantly picks away at me until I am undone
"When am I worthy?" I tell God - directly to Him I come
and I hold fast to the King of kings until the answer comes
Resist the devil, submit to God and pray for those I know
God will turn my weeping into dancing before you know!

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