We long for good news

We long for good news
by Joel Howard

Ding! Ring! TV screen! 
We all run mad and together we scream
Check your phone! Hear it ring! 
Change that channel to a better thing! 

We long for good news in every text message
every notification, everywhere we open our eyes
And we are surprised when it all fails us inside

We long for good news
For the news to cover our blues
We have worn out the soles of our shoes looking

Modern technology gathers for us 
So that with a finger swipe we get man's best advice 
We've checked it all once, now we'll check it twice
For we long, we long for good news
In all we say and do

Blessed are the feet of those 
who publish it on the mountain tops! 
Christian, let your light shine! 
Now is the time!

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