We're going to need to trust in the LORD

We're going to need to trust in the LORD 
by Joel Howard

"What is ahead?" we often cry
"What is required?" to Him we pry 
as we embark on seasons new
He says, "trust is what you'll need to do"

You see, more than knowing what's to come 
or if the job will all get done
or how through it all we will win
we're going to need to trust in Him

To lean in more than ever before 
is the explicit instruction from You LORD
if we are to receive what You put forth
we're going to have to trust You more

To go when all within says "no"
To trust when we don't have the answer
He might not make it easier
But promises to be with us there

His peace comes now, though we know not
a detail more of what were about to cross
His peace comes now as we count the cost 
and trust You here, trust You God

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