To get to know You

To get to know You
by Joel Howard

God, I don't understand You in all of Your beauty
I don't comprehend you completely
But God I desire to be with You

Mystery of mysteries, You wow me unending! 
Utter catastrophes occur in my logic when I try to explain You
But God, I want to be right there with You! 

I sing a song of love and gratitude for You! 
I write a song of relentless pursuit from You!
The way You move me and then undo me 
I am utterly in love with You! 

I play a tune of devotion to You! 
I kneel undone by the gaze of You! 
I am completely sold on following You! 
I can't get enough of You! 

Teacher of my heart
I would be with You where You are
everything I would lose to get to know You

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