There is no rest apart from You

There is no rest apart from You
by Joel Howard

A raging generation invents its own gods:
"Who needs Jesus when we have our own loves!?
Break the chains around those Christians!
Get real! We're our own boss!"
The One in heaven laughs who has already installed
His Son on the throne of all that is, will be and was
There absolutely is no rest apart from God
They will not enter His rest who give Him no thought
To a generation I say, to a generation astray
"Choose for yourselves today the god you will make
As for me and my house we will choose what is best"
For their is a winner and a loser here and only the winners have rest
There is a winner and a loser, a right and a wrong
For the loser, the wrong, theirs will be restlessness
Theirs will be a life without rest

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