The Spirit hovers

The Spirit hovers 
by Joel Howard

The Spirit hovers over the face of the waters
Loving on God's sons and daughters
Anointing our emptiness, covering the transition
Loving on us is His tender position

While we sleep he carefully plans
In our need He stands in the gap
In our grief He offers His staff 
and gently leads us through the land

Silently He ponders our steps
Never sleeps and never forgets
Holy Spirit knows what's ahead
Its for this Jesus died and He bled

So next time the silence envelops 
our joys and hides future triumphs
We must remember the Spirit who silently hears it, 
unpacks each sigh and each breath

He hovers in each situation, 
Not distant, not far away from us
More engaged than we'd ever imagine
So we can sit with it, we can rest in Him

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