Thank You that I am limited

Thank You that I am limited 
by Joel Howard

For all that I can't do
And all I don't have to 
For what makes me me 
And what makes You You 
Father I am thanking You

For what is not my call
And for the fact that I am small
For the beauty in it all 
Father I am thanking You

In You I am complete
You meet my every need
In silence You are keeping me

When I fear the taunts of evil men
Because they tell me I am not enough!
I recall that home is a real place 
And I have decided to stay there today 
This is the way You've made me 
Limited and still complete in Your will
Abiding is all that I need!
I am insignificant yet significantly pleasing to You! 
And for that I am thanking You

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