Shame for speaking

Shame for speaking
by Joel Howard

God placed a goal
A vision within
Each heart
A design
The image of Him
He wishes we'd speak it
And walk in it's shoes
We fear its misplaced
We fear what we could lose
In us there's shame for speaking
In each one of us
Shame for being
And living like we're loved
Shame for the joy
We feel when we're true
Satan would take it
Away from you
Lucifer lies
He steals and he kills
He wants us to go 
Against the Lord's will
So if in your heart
You wish you could speak
Speak of the things
You hide way down deep
And if in that heart
You feel opposed
Like you don't deserve
To even have a soul
Then you feel like every
Human out there
You feel shame for speaking
So do not despair
You're not alone
As Satan would have you believe
You're not the only one
He would deceive
You're just like the billions
Living on earth
And the millions and millions
Who were here first
"Shame for speaking"
Is Satan's oldest trick in the book
And if you believe it
He's got you hooked

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