In the secret place

In the secret place
by Joel Howard

Don't bring your fight out there
with shouts and with stares
with evil laughter and constant glares!
In the secret place - that's where I am
go there daily, weapon in hand
Constantly ask me for the nations to come
to a greater desire for Jesus the Son! 
Cast your nets deep in the places of prayer
 Though you can't see it, there is fruit there!
Sinner, come pray, come to the feast 
Gather around my body, come taste and eat!
My words they are wholeness, my life is your life
Come to the secret place, come and abide! 
Your cup runneth over when you are with me
My blood is your ransom, you wont be thirsty
Come to the secret place, daily come die 
to all that is fleeting, come taste my life!

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