Hope in food? [A call to fast]

Hope in food? [A call to fast]
by Joel Howard

I have suddenly heard some terrible news 
And at the same time changed my attitude
I hate to leave the table, don't mean to be rude
But I've suddenly lost my hope in food!

Like Daniel, I cant stand the thought 
of feasting while we desperately need our God!
O generation have we forgotten our past?
I think the time has come to fast! 

Have we mistaken what God has granted 
as a sign of how great our hand is? 
What once was savory and sweet 
compares not now to time on my knees

I have suddenly lost the craving
to chew on what delays my praying
I fly to Thee, King of the ages
Show us now what heaven's grace is! 

Mercy now be my request
I seek to secure heaven's best
To know what our God will do
To see His mighty hand come through

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