Grief: you have to go there

Grief: you have to go there 
by Joel Howard

A mother said to her now grown daughter 
as she faced the enemy's laughter
"Child don't run from what comes after 
a situation deserving grief 

Grief - you have to go there 
Sorrow - it is inevitable 
For when you have cried your best tears
surely laughter will follow!" 

The daughter cried endlessly
but held back, still gripping
The push to just "get over it" 
was stronger by the hour

Mother said, "Sadness - it can be a friend 
Weeping - can be your brother
for when this day is finished, child
there will be another

Grief - we must go there, though it is all we can bear
let go of the devil's dare to skip it for what's after
There's only one way to the end 
Grief can be your dear, dear friend

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