Good grief!

Good grief! 
by Joel Howard

Kids know grief
Kids show grief
They're not like adults who hide grief
I taught my kids two kinds of grief:
The good and the bad

Hitting, screaming, self-inflicting 
Those are the bad 
And we don't need a lesson to learn them
We're quick to do them

Crying, talking, self-disclosing
Taking time to share and mourn 
Are the good forms of grief, I tell them

Now when they talk about their pain
Come to daddy and express their shame
I with a loud voice and a smile proclaim: 
"Good grief, child! Good grief!" 

Their lesson is mine too
By God may I do just like them 
As often as I mourn may I slow down 
for the worst pain to run its course 
That my Father might proclaim 
His grace on me again
"Good grief!" 
As He holds me in His undying love

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