Get it while its hot!

Get it while its hot! 
by Joel Howard

Holy preference, Masterful design 
God likes it hot or cold 
He is bold 
One or the other He says
Today if You hear the voice 
of the One knocking on the door
whispering in your ear
Let he who has ears 
let him hear what the Spirit says 
Many are still deciding 
Residing in the balance 
Standing on the fence of Love 
But ready or not, our King will be God 
Do You hear Jesus knock? 
Get it while its hot! 
As long as its called today be sure to obey 
Many hearts will turn cold as in the days of old 
The flood will begin and as they cried, 
"Noah, let me in!!" 
You know he did not
and so we are taught 
When His voice comes to us
Get it while its hot!

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