Do You love me?

Do You love me?
by Joel Howard

The enemy slashed at me without a word
Cut to my heart with the edge of his sword 
and on his way out cried out words absurd 
Saying, "does God really love you!?"

After that he just left as if on to another
To harass some lonely sister or brother
or knock off the horse some missionary fighter 
Saying, "does God really love you?"

Its like a chorus Satan sings
Because by God he knows it stings! 
Tonight that thought I'm capturing: 
"Does God really love you?" 

And so starts my meditation: 
The Love of the King of Creation 
Who without hesitation says He loves even me! 
He loves even one such as me!

Why would devils want me to think I'm unlovely? 
Are they just putting on me what they fear most?
 All Satan's host know hell's smokes are loveless!

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