Can we dance?

Can we dance? 
by Joel Howard

I was in the kitchen
Overwhelmed by circumstance
Kicking myself
Like only I can
Beating myself up 
Thinking I'd lost my last chance
When the Lord said to me
"Can we dance?" 

My fears had crept in
Bothered by what I don't have
Shame, my best friend, said
I'd failed at last
What can I do
Now that I lost what I grasped? 
The Lord said again, 
"Child, can we dance?" 

And a heavenly glory
Shone down on my face
As all my persecutors 
Left my gaze
And all I could see
Was the Ancient of Days
There's a heavenly freedom
Here in this place
There's a heavenly freedom 
Here in this place

Now to Jesus I sit
And tell all my woes
All my endless oppressors
I recount to him now
And he silently listens
And whispers again
"Child, can I lead you
From now 'til the end? 
I am familiar with the journey
my friend!"

As we danced in that kitchen
The music rang true
For it spoke of the mystery
Of living with You
If I don't set forth 
The first step that I take
I will never experience 
your grace in this place

I was pointing at yesterday
And all that went wrong
But the future was the theme
Of his beautiful song
This journey ain't over
So now my fears are gone
For, Lord, if you're leading me
I can carry on
Lord, if you're King of me
I can carry on!

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